25 Jul

I should’ve seen this coming, I know. And normally, I would say waterskiing was worth it, but YIKES! My muscles hate me today, all day, every second of the day… This is soreness like never before :/

Ok, enough complaining–I’m over it. It was worth it 😀 (Ohh, but my armsss… ok, ok, done for real!)


Tonight, I want to tell you about my breakfast. Actually, it was more like lunchtime… so let’s meet in the middle and call it brunch 😀

Vegan French Toast

2 slices of bread (cinnamon raisin is my fave)

2 T chia seeds + 6T water or almond milk

1 or 2 bananas (what can I say, I like a big breakfast!)

vanilla, cinnamon (the more, the better :D), nutmeg, and agave to taste

Combine all in a lightly-oiled skillet –yes, even the bananas and agave, they make the french toast all warm and gooey :D. You’ll know after a few minutes when it’s ready to eat.

I was a dork and used my wok, lol, so my french toast was a tad, well, wok-shaped! Whateverrrr, at least the chia seeds gave me lots of omega 3s, protein, calcium, fiber… need I say more? You should have this for breakfast (or dinner, why not?) tomorrow! Then, tell me how much you loved it 😀

That’s all for tonight. Have an amazing day tomorrow!

P.S. I ran out of bananas (MUST. GO. GROCERY. SHOPPING.) but you know what would make this french toast even more awesome? Putting banana soft-serve on top 😀 oh, and pecans are good, too!

3 Responses to “SO SORE”

  1. Ilana July 25, 2010 at 11:38 pm #

    Hi Rachel! I was going to send you an email thanking you for your wonderful comment on my blog then I hopped over here and saw…VEGAN FRENCH TOAST, aka my favorite food ever, and I just wanted to say, I think I love you? And cinnamon raisin french toast made in a wok? Yeah. You rock – the end. I have totally whipped out my wok inappropriately because … well … I felt like it.
    Catch ya later, gater!!

  2. Sophie August 1, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

    haha so funny you used your wok

  3. greens superfood May 23, 2014 at 11:04 am #

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