Long Beach and Upside-Down Yoga

1 Aug

Yesterday, I went to Long Beach with friends. My first time to Long Island! I loved it–exhibit A is below 😀

Perfect beach weather + perfectly ripe cherries = BLISS 😀 I was such a happy camper, especially to be out of Manhattan on a hot, humid day… anyway…

Lately, I’ve been dying to do yoga that looks like this:
I don’t know what type of yoga this is called or where I can find a studio, but if anyone knows, please tell me!

Also, big news: I decided to do 31 days of yoga for the month of August! I knocked off day 1 with candlelit class tonight, but tomorrow already looks busy (Read: season finale of the bachelorette. Don’t judge :D). Perhaps day 2 will be a podcast-class kind of day…


One Response to “Long Beach and Upside-Down Yoga”

  1. Ilana August 2, 2010 at 7:00 am #

    hahaha do yoga while you’re watching the bachelorette! go for it!

    gosh I need to get back to long beach already … it’s getting hot and claustrophobic in the city!

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