Movin’ On Out

17 Aug

Moving 3 miles uptown may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m packing up my apartment and moving back to the Upper West Side before classes begin. Yikes, my room looks like a tornado swept through… too much stuff, too little boxes!

I need to be fully moved in uptown by Saturday, so I’m cleaning out the closets– and the refrigerator. With a freezer full of bananas and cinnamon raisin bread, I decided to have vegan french toast for dinner 😀

For dessert, I chopped up some mangoes. They were just 75 cents each on the Upper East Side tonight!  Who says Park Avenue is only for the rich 😀

Anyway, I must get back to packing. It seemed like a good idea earlier to pack now and not stress about doing it later…but, it’s getting late, so procrastination (in the form of sleep) might become the new game plan 😀

Hope you’re having a productive night!

Smile out loud,



One Response to “Movin’ On Out”

  1. Amanda August 17, 2010 at 10:43 pm #

    ahh yes packing is always such a painful ordeal for me too, such that i usually have to resort to multiple breaks/naps to finish. i never think i have that much stuff, until i realize i don’t have enough boxes…good luck! 🙂

    mm that mango looks delicious. and i’ve decided i need to start making better use of my freezer, you’ll have to explain that all to me again haha.

    ahh can’t believe you’re already moving back in!!!

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