Yoga Super Granny

18 Aug

When I grow up, I want to be this woman:

She looks like she’s done one or two yoga classes before 😀

But, seriously…

I noticed in yoga class tonight that I rarely ever see anyone over the age of 35 years old in classes with me. At first, I couldn’t figure out the reason for this, but then I realized it bothers me–because I want to be in yoga class when I’m older. Moreover, I hope that I’m still doing yoga when I’m really old!

After all, being Yoga Super Granny would make for one pretty cool grandma, if you ask me 😀


31 Days of Yoga is almost over, and I believe that getting into the habit of going to yoga class everyday has made a world of difference for my practice. This challenge has forced me to re-prioritize my yoga practice, and I am so glad I finally did 😀 I learned that, sometimes, I just need to take the leap in order to get where I want to be… whether I’m ready or not!

Is there a leap you’ve been waiting to take?

Smile out loud,


2 Responses to “Yoga Super Granny”

  1. indiechic927 August 19, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    Hahahhaha! I love the yoga super granny picture. That definitely made me laugh pretty hard!I definitely need to consider doing some more yoga soon! I’ve been lazy… :/

  2. Marianne Trevisani September 23, 2010 at 8:03 pm #

    Hi Rachel,

    Love your blog. The reason you only see under 35 in yoga class is you live in the city. After you make your first billion, and if you move to sleepy burbs like Duxbury , then most of the yoginis are over 40. But you may be over 40 too by then! I’m so jealous of those great meals. Um, you do go to class right? Sara’s still rowing at UConn; Jackie is at Union in Schenectady, on the soccer team and studying engineering. We have this new adorable cat sitter named “Meredith” since my girls aren’t here to take care of them. Keep up the good work. Ms. Trevisani

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