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Anti-Gravity Yoga

8 Aug

I tried anti-gravity yoga for the first time on Thursday… and LOVED IT!

It was a lot of fun 😀 I went to Om Factory (midtown west). Basically, the experience was like doing a vinyasa class 4 feet above the ground. Plus, some swinging and more inversions than I’ve probably ever done in a month.

My favorite pose was an upside down warrior II, which I showed you on my previous post. As it turns out, spending a few minutes in the pose stacks your spinal disks straight down (or up?) and leaves you 1/4 of an inch taller. Let’s just say I am short (I prefer petite, actually :D) enough to appreciate that…

When I walked out of the studio after class, my body felt perfectly aligned–and let me tell you, that RARELY happens. My mess of a lower back was happier than ever before 😀

Did the whole experience feel like the circus? Sometimes, maybe, yes. However, at the end of class, everyone laid down in the hammock like a cocoon and the teacher gave neck massages for savasna. That in itself might be reason enough to go to anti-gravity yoga class 😀

All Things Good

5 Aug

Today after work, I stopped by J.Crew (confession: nothing is good there right now), lululemon (confession: everything is good there right now), and got a (much-needed) pretty pink manicure 😀 Afterwards, I walked through the Union Square farmers market just in time for closing and picked up some gorgeous sunflowers. Now, my apartment feels like this:

How’s that for positive energy 😀 To keep the good stuff coming, I had some turbo salad (blueberries + kale + sunflower seeds+ pomengranate dressing= perfection). Then, I walked to yoga class. Or, to be more accurate, I sprinted like I was running 20 minutes late (oh wait, I was) and got there a full 60 seconds early 😀

Update: Project 31 Days of Yoga is still on track 😀 Well, it may have gone slightly off track on Day 2, when I fell asleep instead of doing a yoga to the people podcast class… but I did two classes in a row yesterday with friends, so no worries!

Now, I’m (supposed to be) cleaning my apartment because friends from home are staying with me this weekend 😀 Oh, by the way, I despise cleaning… even more than laundry! I suppose it would be slightly more bearable, however, if I had one of these sweet suits:

Attractive, right? 😀 Anyway, tomorrow night I’m trying anti-gravity yoga for the first time! I am SO excited. It will be my first time in a yoga hammock! I keep thinking, it’s just a hammock– how hard could it be?

We will find out the answer to that question tomorrow 😀 Gnite, lovelies!