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Catch-Up Day

26 Aug

Tonight I would like to share a few SOL updates with you 😀

1.  I have made an executive decision: The last 7 days of 31 Days of Yoga are hereby postponed until next week, when I have more control over my time. I’m currently in RA (resident assistant) training for 12+ hours a day, everyday… let’s just say that even unpacking my moving boxes has been put on hold in honor of my love for sleep!

2. An SOL reader and friend, Pamela, recently took a hot yoga class (I’m jealous :D). Afterward, she was able to do Yoga Super Granny Pose:

Is she incredible or what?!

3. I decided today that I want to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculure) this year. Luckily, a few CSA’s come to the university in the fall, but, unluckily, I didn’t realize that I needed to sign up a season in advance. I’m hoping that someone opted out over the summer and I can take their place… After all, how great would it be to have a bounty of fresh, local, organic vegetables every week? Amazing, if you ask me 😀

I hope you all are having a healthy and happy week so far! I can’t wait to catch up on your blogs and comments this weekend 😀

Smile out loud,