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Lightin’ the fire under my tail!

18 Jul

For this school year, I am implementing a few weekly traditions that I hope will keep me sane(r).

Sunday: Make brunch, buy fresh flowers for the apartment, and go to candlelit yoga. That’s my idea of a good start to the week 😀

Monday: Run along the river/reservoir/any semblance of nature I can find in Manhattan. (No, that’s not me in the picture. If you ever see me running with a dog, instead of running from a dog, well, you should take a picture (fast).)

Tuesday: Read something that does not have the words math or economics textbook in the title.

Wednesday: Grocery shopping (ugh… but it must be done. If Angelina can do it, I can do it! Or, if that motivation fails, at least it’s not laundry :D).

Thursday: Host dinner for friends (and include one food that I’ve never tried before).

Friday: Yoga in St. Mark’s.

Saturday: Digital black-out day, meaning no laptop or blackberry. (How I will resist the flashing red light of death that indicates a new email, I have yet to determine… 😀 )

Do you have any weekly traditions that increase your quality of life?