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Figs, Mangoes, and Mussels

6 Sep

Last night, I went to Pisticci, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan (125th St. and La Salle St.).

This is not your average Italian restaurant. Pisticci’s makes its own pasta and mozzarella daily. Yes, that is as good as it sounds 😀

We started off the meal with…

Fig, Mango, and Warm Goat Cheese Salad

Can you see one of the figs on the right, sliced open with goat cheese in its middle? You know I am a killer for fresh figs

After the salad, I had steamed mussels in tomato basil sauce. It tasted so amazing that I forgot to stop and take a picture by the time it was gone 😀 It looked something like this…

Tiramisu arrived on our table after dinner, but I was far too full to enjoy it! The entire experience was mouth-watering 😀 If you have a chance to go to Pisticci soon, you will love it. If you don’t, make a mango/fig salad and mussels for yourself sometime. It is a meal you will not soon forget!

Smile out loud,


Movin’ On Out

17 Aug

Moving 3 miles uptown may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m packing up my apartment and moving back to the Upper West Side before classes begin. Yikes, my room looks like a tornado swept through… too much stuff, too little boxes!

I need to be fully moved in uptown by Saturday, so I’m cleaning out the closets– and the refrigerator. With a freezer full of bananas and cinnamon raisin bread, I decided to have vegan french toast for dinner 😀

For dessert, I chopped up some mangoes. They were just 75 cents each on the Upper East Side tonight!  Who says Park Avenue is only for the rich 😀

Anyway, I must get back to packing. It seemed like a good idea earlier to pack now and not stress about doing it later…but, it’s getting late, so procrastination (in the form of sleep) might become the new game plan 😀

Hope you’re having a productive night!

Smile out loud,


Ayn says….

29 Jul

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

-Ayn Rand

I love her. A lot, a lot, a lot. Ok, moving on…

Today at work, we went to a restaurant for lunch called Gastrorganics. I loved it–a lot, a lot, a lot 😀 Basically, I read on the top of their menu that they serve breakfast until 4PM, and I knew this place was made for me. The mango, walnut, and spinach salad with strawberry dressing and the best-I’ve-EVER-had empanadas might’ve helped, too 😀

The restaurant is so peaceful. Can you tell? The candlelight is fabulous, but the contrast of all the taxis in the background makes it seem even better…

Anyways, I’m debating whether to do 31 days of yoga for the month of August. I think it would simply be the perfect way to restore and refresh myself before the fall hits, but then there’s the little problem of finding the time everyday for 31 days… hmm, 2 more days to decide. Oh, decisions…