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Restaurant Round-Up

23 Sep

I am struggling to find the desire/time/inspiration to cook in my kitchen. Lately, I’ve had a lot of salads on the go, more dinners of tomato soup than I care to share, and a few too many vanilla-strawberry-banana smoothies… but that is a post for another time 😀

Because the school year isn’t really into full swing yet, my friends and I have had more time on our hands than we usually get to have together. Combine that with the fact that our dining halls are… err, not the best… and it makes perfect sense why the following restaurants received our patronage over the last few weeks.


Restaurant #1: Alice’s Tea Cup. Blueberry cornmeal scone and pumpkin scone (straight from heaven!). The menu says you must order at least two scones per person… so this meal became dinner that night as well as breakfast the next morning. Hey, I wasn’t complaining 😀

Woops, I almost forgot about the tea (and the adorable tea kettles)!

Restaurant #2: Massawa. This was my first experience with Ethiopian food and I ordered the Ful (fava beans simmered with berbere, tomatoes, peppers, yogurt, and toasted bread). Sounds like it might be tastey, right? Wrong. On a side note, the salmon tebsi was DELISH 😀

Restaurant #3: Spice. Yes, this restaurant has multiple locations around Manhattan, but let me just say, there is a reason for that 😀 I went appetizer-crazy and skipped an entree in favor of  lemongrass tom yum with shrimp and salmon tartar. Definitely worth repeating 😀

Restaurant #4: Veselka. Ukranian soul food was another “first” for me recently. It was pretty darn good, even considering that I had no idea what to expect. If you happen to be in the East Village sometime, you should stop by this restaurant. I ordered the roasted beet and goat cheese salad with toasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Whenever I see pumpkin seeds on a menu, I order that item without fail. I have to get my zinc somehow 😀

Restaurant #5: Terrace in the Sky. Ok, so actually this was a work event and I had to be talking, not eating, but nevertheless, I still have 3 things to say about this restaurant:

i. It’s way too fancy-schmancy for a normal dinner.

ii. Its location on the roof of a tall building offers the most beautiful views of the city at night.

iii. There was a harpist playing during dinner. Like I said, fancy-schmancy….

Restaurant #6: Deluxe. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, so I can be a tough critic when it comes to french toast 😀 Fortunately, Deluxe’s raspberry and blueberry stuffed french toast passed my taste test. Unfortunately, I am now craving that french toast…

Yesterday, I finished the last take-out box in my fridge. This means I need to start remembering (ok, learning) how to cook my own food… You know what that means: many kitchen adventures are on the way 😀

Smile out loud,


NYC Restaurant Edition

22 Aug

Thursday: Of all the pizza places in Manhattan, I have to say that POSTO (18th street & 2nd ave.) is the best, hands down. When you taste the spicy, garlic, veggie pizza, you will see what I mean 😀 Quite simply, the pizza is delivered straight from heaven!

Friday: Speaking of heaven… The eggplant parmesan at Angelo’s (53rd street & Broadway) is to die for.  I didn’t take a photo of my plate this time, because I was enjoying time with family from home. Don’t worry, though, you’re in luck–Madonna ate at Angelo’s recently, so there’s plenty of photos from her dinner! If it’s good enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for me 😀

Saturday: After filling the car with my life in boxes, my parents and I strapped furniture to the roof (quite the scene!) and drove uptown to my dorm apartment. By dinnertime, we were starving… moving is a lot of work!

Thank goodness Campo came to the rescue 😀 I ordered a thin crust pumpkin pizza. I’ve never thought of pumpkin as a pizza topping before, but I do now! SO DELISH.

Meanwhile, my mother ordered gazpacho with shrimp and raved about it, but I was too busy eating my pumpkin pizza to take a picture of it… 😀 Anyway, it looked something like this:

So, now you know how I’ve been spoiled rotten while eating over the last few days 😀 I hope you’ve had some awesome eats recently, too!

Smile out loud,


Perfect Weekend: Friends + Yoga + NYC Restaurants

8 Aug

Salutation Nation by lululemon was yesterday morning! My friends were here from out of town, so we dragged our inner yogini’s out of bed and into Bryant Park for class with Matt & Dechen, who were hilarious, by the way 😀

It was so great to spend some time with friends and to experience NYC, which includes trying new restaurants, of course 😀 Here’s the recap:

Friday dinner: We went to South Street Seaport for the YACHT concert, and Pacific Grill. I got this:

“Black & White Sesame Coated Yellow Pink Ahi Tuna served with tossed market greens, julienne peppers, onion, tomato served with asian ginger soy dressing.”

Saturday breakfast: We had built up an appetite during yoga, so afterwards, we went straight to Keko Cafe (midtown east). I got a crepe with smoked salmon inside. DELISH 😀

Saturday dinner: We went to California Pizza Kitchen, because it was convenient and oh, so, good 😀 We were shocked by the (exorbitantly high) calories listed on the menu, but too hungry to care… We walked (and shopped) all day, so, whatever. Right?

Sunday breakfast: Tick Tock Diner… not exactly healthy, per se, but–wow–who knew their pumpkin pancakes were AMAZING???

Now my friends are traveling home, and I’m off to candlelit yoga tonight. Since I’m following Angela‘s rule of only eating restaurant foods that I can make in my own kitchen, it looks like I have a few recipes to add to my list!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too 😀

Ayn says….

29 Jul

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

-Ayn Rand

I love her. A lot, a lot, a lot. Ok, moving on…

Today at work, we went to a restaurant for lunch called Gastrorganics. I loved it–a lot, a lot, a lot 😀 Basically, I read on the top of their menu that they serve breakfast until 4PM, and I knew this place was made for me. The mango, walnut, and spinach salad with strawberry dressing and the best-I’ve-EVER-had empanadas might’ve helped, too 😀

The restaurant is so peaceful. Can you tell? The candlelight is fabulous, but the contrast of all the taxis in the background makes it seem even better…

Anyways, I’m debating whether to do 31 days of yoga for the month of August. I think it would simply be the perfect way to restore and refresh myself before the fall hits, but then there’s the little problem of finding the time everyday for 31 days… hmm, 2 more days to decide. Oh, decisions…