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Marathon Fever

7 Nov

Today is the NYC Marathon. For the last month, I have seen billboards, posters, and cut-outs of runners–strong, fierce, AMAZING runners.

(Photo: Lolo Jones. Because she is awesome :D)

Coincidently–ok, probably not coincidently–I started running again. It’s been a while (ok, a long while…) since I was last running on a regular basis. So, it was no surprise that I was really slow at first… but now I’m getting faster and going farther. I’m on my fourth successful week of keeping up with it. Yesterday was a 12 mile run on the Hudson River. 12?! YUP 😀 Woot woot!

On most days, I run along the Hudson River. I love the view, the breeze, and the smell of the water. Whether it reminds me of my hometown beach or the ocean in the summer, I’m not sure. In any case, running along the river feels like I’ve left Manhattan and gone on a quick vacation. Granted, there’s a little more sweat than I’d expect on a vacation… 😀

(Photo: Hilary Swank. Being Fabulous.)

Anyway, back to the marathon! Once I get some work done, I plan to go see the 45,000 runners on the course in Central Park.

I’ll remember to bring my camera and catch a celeb (or who knows, maybe the Subway guy?) on film for you 😀 Or, if we’re lucky, maybe one of these running titans, a.k.a. inspirational bloggers, will pass by me:

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Tracey @ Go Tracy Go

Rachel @ Rachelgeylin.com

Baker @ Beyonddefeat.com

Sara @ Eat, Drink, and Be Merry NYC

Caitlin @ Caitlin Lives Well

Lizzy @ Food to Run For

Ashley @ A Healthy, Happier Bear

If you have an extra minute right now, feel free to leave a comment of congrats for these bloggers after they cross the finish line! I bet they would love your support 😀

Smile out loud,