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Sweet Pea

26 Jul

Sweet Peas are GORGEOUS flowers, don’t ya think?

Not only do peas have these amazing pink petals, but they also have more protein than 1/4 cup of almonds, or a tablespoon of peanut butter–WHOAH.  I didn’t even believe that fun fact at first but it’s true, because a little known doctor named WebMD told me 😀 They’re so teensy, where does all the protein go?!

So, the question is, how do you get some of these little green guys into your stomach without feeling like you’re eating baby food? Drum roll, please…

Sweet Pea Soup

(Serves 4-5)

3 cups sweet peas, thawed
1 avocado
2 cups cucumbers
2 cups celery
1/4 cup fresh dill
1/4 cup cashews, ground (optional)
2 cloves of garlic
1 green onion
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tsp miso
Water (until desired consistency is reached)
Salt, to taste

Blend until smooth & enjoy!

Gnite, lovelies 😀


25 Jul

I should’ve seen this coming, I know. And normally, I would say waterskiing was worth it, but YIKES! My muscles hate me today, all day, every second of the day… This is soreness like never before :/

Ok, enough complaining–I’m over it. It was worth it 😀 (Ohh, but my armsss… ok, ok, done for real!)


Tonight, I want to tell you about my breakfast. Actually, it was more like lunchtime… so let’s meet in the middle and call it brunch 😀

Vegan French Toast

2 slices of bread (cinnamon raisin is my fave)

2 T chia seeds + 6T water or almond milk

1 or 2 bananas (what can I say, I like a big breakfast!)

vanilla, cinnamon (the more, the better :D), nutmeg, and agave to taste

Combine all in a lightly-oiled skillet –yes, even the bananas and agave, they make the french toast all warm and gooey :D. You’ll know after a few minutes when it’s ready to eat.

I was a dork and used my wok, lol, so my french toast was a tad, well, wok-shaped! Whateverrrr, at least the chia seeds gave me lots of omega 3s, protein, calcium, fiber… need I say more? You should have this for breakfast (or dinner, why not?) tomorrow! Then, tell me how much you loved it 😀

That’s all for tonight. Have an amazing day tomorrow!

P.S. I ran out of bananas (MUST. GO. GROCERY. SHOPPING.) but you know what would make this french toast even more awesome? Putting banana soft-serve on top 😀 oh, and pecans are good, too!