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Adrenaline Rush!

25 Jul

I LOVE a good rush of ADRENALINE. The feeling it gives me has no equivalent in my day to day life. I gotta find a way to fix that. Any suggestions?

Instead of going to the office yesterday, our whole firm went on a summer outing to a lakehouse. The highlight of my day was swinging off a rope 40 feet in air and jumping into the lake. I surprised myself by involuntarily screaming when I was swinging full throttle through the air (me: no back-up plan?!) Talk about free fallin’ 😀

Before the tree jump, I went waterskiing AND FINALLY STOOD UP! I’ve done (or attempted) waterskiing before but with, err, difficulty. I attribute my increased upper body and core strength to vinyasa 😀

Other activities I did today that I can officially cross off my to do list include  a full body massage, a water trampoline, and going 90 mph on a motorboat (I was clinging onto the side of the boat because I (obviously) gave my boss the last seat).

As for the lakehouse itself, the architecture and interior design were fantastic. It had a real movie theater, infinity pool (the disappearing edge went into the lake–total showstopper), huge glass table set on a piece of driftwood (I want one!), wooden floors painted white (gave the whole house a tranquil feeling), and a yoga studio (no big deal). Basically, I’m ready to move in 😀

And the food? AMAZING. My two favorite dishes were some sort of uncooked peach and tomato concoction, and sweet pea soup. I promise to post these recipes on SOL soon!

Anyways, a quick getaway and a bit of adrenaline are exactly what I need sometimes. Next up, I’m thinking jetskis, white water rafting, ziplining (!), trapezing (ala Carrie on that one Sex and the City episode), and… whatever comes my way 😀